Glory GFS-100 - Banknote Counter & Sorter

The Glory GFS-100 Banknote Counter & Sorter is a powerful bank-grade machine that is widely used where high volumes of £Sterling cash need to be counted speedily and accurately with reliable counterfeit checking.

The GFS100 includes mixed value counting and sorting so you can mix count all £5 £10 £20 and £50 notes together at the same time and obtain respective sub-totals for each, or you can sort notes by filtering 1 denomination at a time.

Glory is a world leader in banking equipment, and the GFS-100 reinforces it's reputation of building high-quality machines that assure reliability, confidence, speed and efficiency in cash management. It is a proven, well-established machine incorporating the latest 2021 software update for the new £50 polymer banknote.

The Glory GFS100 is a dual-pocket machine - the second (smaller) pocket is used to sort the notes or reject poor quality, damaged and suspicious notes, while the main money count continues uninterrupted, improving efficiency and saving time.

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  • Reliable counterfeit detection
  • Suitable for all Bank of England GBP polymer notes
  • User friendly interface and clear operator controls
  • Note characteristics analysis displayed on-screen
  • Weight: Approx. 13 kg
  • Hopper Capacity: Approx. 300 notes
  • Stacker Capacity: Approx. 200 notes
  • Reject Pocket Capacity: Approx 20 notes
  • Counting Speed: 650-900 notes/minPower Supply: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz


  • Height: 300mm
  • Width: 330mm
  • Depth: 325mm