Half Tickets (x180,000) - Half Sized Redemption Tickets

Half-sized tickets in two different colours: red and orange.

There are 180,000 tickets per box for £100 + VAT.

By using half-sized tickets you can:

  • Use less storage for tickets.
  • Store more tickets per machine.
  • Save money on purchase costs.

These tickets will work on the following ticket stations:

  • Elmac Gallileo with later software (it should state in the settings which size tickets you are able to use).
  • Namco Deltronic Ticket Eater with software version V2.19 or later.
  • Benchmark Ticket Station with our Arfur Ticket PCB add on.

If you require a spare part that is not listed, please get in touch via email at help@maxxgrab.com or call us on 01507 441144.