£3 Prize Every Time Plush and Toy Assortment Mix (x200)

This is an assortment of plush and toys suitable for prize every time (PET) cranes. 

£3 Prize Every Time Mix - 200 items at £1.20p +VAT each.

We also have other mixes to suit different price points:

£1 Prize Every Time Mix - 400 items at 0.38p + VAT each.

£2 Prize Every Time Mix - 200 items at 0.73p + VAT each.

£2 Prize Every Time Plush Only Mix - 300 items at 0.75p + VAT each.

Please note that items you may receive may differ from the picture shown. This is because our prize every time mixes are constantly being updated to try and keep customers interested and keep the income to a maximum. 

Please visit our Delivery and Returns page for further information about delivery times, charges and our returns policy.

CPET & C20