UNIS Time Out - Skill Game

Brand new for 2024 is Time Out which mixes anticipation, skill, and entertainment into one thrilling game. Starting on a timer at 0.00 seconds your goal is to stop it at precisely 10.00 seconds to win the grand prize! ...but even if you miss, there are smaller prizes to be won. The stunning cabinet design and dazzling LED lights attracts the audience to its electrifying gameplay.

Please note that you will not be able to purchase this machine through the website due to custom delivery quotes. Please email us here for us to get back in touch. 




  • Press the button to start the timer and test your timing skills
  • Stop the timer at exactly 10 seconds to win the star prize
  • Smaller prizes for near misses
  • Adjustable winning prize threshold
  • Digital LED screen back panel
  • Dazzling display-style cabinet with LED lights


  • Height: 2492mm
  • Width: 1559mm
  • Depth: 873mm
  • Weight: 306kg