5 Surprise Plushy Pets Series 2 (x 48) Zuru

Adopt the cutest pets around with 5 Surprise Series 2 Plushy Pets! (x 48) from Zuru.

48 x 5 Surprise Plushy Pets Series 2 in a box @ £3.75 each + VAT.

85mm diameter capsule

Part No. PLUSH-PET2-48

With 5 surprises included inside, you'll get the chance to nurture your Plushy Pet. Feed it with its magic bottle and make it official with the adoption certificate. There are 13 Plushy Pets to adopt, including a Tiger, Puppy, or rare fluffy Hedgehog! Adopt them all and watch your plushy family grow.

Product Features:

Includes: 1 x Plushy Pet, 1 x Milk Bottle, 1 x Sticker, 1 x Adoption Certificate  and 1 x Collectors Guide

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