Comestero RM5 HD - Front Entry / Front Reject - Coin Mechanism

The Comestero RM5 HD is a High-Discrimination Electronic Coin Validator. 

This is for a Front Entry / Front Reject variant. Please ensure you purchase the correct configuration.

  • RM5 HD will surprise you with its features and functions. Its high discrimination capability and the remarkable acceptance speed represent the state of the art in  electronic coin validators increasingly reliable and fast, ideal partners for every entertainment or automatic distribution machine.
  • A versatile coin mechanism, which perfectly integrates with the machine onto which it is installed. Creating the ideal coin mechanism with an unlimited budget is rather simple; the real challenge is obtaining the highest performance keeping costs as low as possible. RM5 HD is a winner under all points of view, combining considerable performance and a really competitive price.
  • The RM5 HD coin validator has set new standards in coin validation. Through 5 different sensors and 10 recognition parameters, the RM5 HD ensures a high level of recognition and discrimination of valid and counterfeit coins with an unprecedented speed of 6 coins per second of mixed denomination. The RM5 HD's innovative construction ensures strength and durability, while advanced electronic and mechanical anti-fraud systems guarantee excellent security in all its various installation modes.
  • RM5 HD offers the highest performance in various application fields. Its high acceptance speed makes it the ideal partner for the New Slots in the gaming sector, where speed is an essential component and reliability, guaranteed by the ccTalk protocol is extremely important.

    If you require a special coin configuration, please email us at after you purchase the mechanism.

    If you require a spare part that is not listed, please get in touch via email at or call us on 01507 441144.