UNIS Value Prize Kit Series 5 (SHVC5) Blind Box Assortments - 180 pieces

Unleash a tidal wave of excitement that ensures customers keep coming back
for more with Value Adventure Series 5 in 12 epic series that blend the magic
of Disney 100 and the intrigue of Stranger Things - Blind box assortments.

Price is for 180 pieces (£5 per piece).

Part No. SHVC5-180

Mix consists of
Dodowo - Munchkin' Zoo
Anima Ice
Shark Melon Party
Zodiac Mini Group
MR.BONE - Monster Q Season One
Disney 100
YUME - Stranger Things
NANCI - Sports Day
Alice Fairytale
WAZZUP Family - Splash206
EMMA - Masquerade Series
JOVA - Initial Travel Notes

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