Empty Ticket Prize Boxes Bundle for Over the Edge & also cranes - 20 pieces - 75 mm square

Empty ticket prize boxes in a bundle for prize machines like Over the Edge & ticket cranes and such like. The boxes come flat packed for self assembly. 20 pieces in a bundle. Size of each box: 75mm square.

Bundle comprises of: 8 boxes of 25 value, 5 x 25 value, 3 x 100 value, 2 x 250 value, 1 x 500 value, 1 x 1000 value.

they are re-usable & we expect you hand them into the prize shop & get the appropriate amount of tickets or points as shown .

Please note that the photo shows boxes assembled.

If you require a consumable or spare part that is not listed, please get in touch via email at help@maxxgrab.com or call us on 01507 441144.