How to Remove the Centre Carriage on a Grabber Machine


To remove the centre carriage on the gantry or replace it on an arcade grabber machine you:

  1. Disconnect the loom from the front part of the gantry centre carriage.
  2. Next, take off the top part of the cover, this can sometimes be tricky to unclip.
  3. Loosen off the wing nuts from the back of the centre carriage so that you can slide it down and remove the bottom part of the cover.
  4. Next, remove the gantry from the rail by lifting it above the rails and dropping it at an angle through the rails.
  5. To replace the central gantry hold it at a 90 degrees angle so that the wheels are level with the rails. Next squeeze the rail over the string and rotate the central carriage forward. The wheels should fall onto the rail back and front and can easily move up and down the rails.
  6. Slide up the bottom cover until located in place. Ensure that you locate the cover sides into the correct gap.
  7. Tighten the wing nuts. Clip the top cover back on.
  8. Finally plug the loom back in.
  9. To stop the flex from hanging down, use a cable tie to secure it to the hole in the back of the centre carriage

Our video below will demonstrate the steps required.

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