Making a Doctor Who Dalek


Clear transparent empty vending capsules can be used for all sorts of craft and model making. One of their most popular uses of our clear vending capsules are as the hemispheres on a full-size Dalek model.

Building a Dalek Model


Dalek models

Use our clear transparent empty prize 97mm capsules as the hemispheres that adorn the skirt of the dalek.

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clear capsule to use on Dalek build as hemispheres

Hemispheres are also known as "hemis" and "sense globes". On most daleks 56 of these sense globes are required (48 on New Paradigm Daleks) and are fixed in rows to the skirt panels.

There are 350 capsules in a box, this will give you 700 hemispheres. You could find a hobby group to share a box with or make more than one Dalek!

You can use aerosol paint (suitable for plastic) to paint the hemispheres in the colour required. The colour will depend on which dalek you are making!


What Does a Dalek Look Like?

Daleks made their first appearance in 1963/64 on the BBC TV sci-fi series, Doctor Who. They appear during every series scaring the kids into hiding behind the sofa! 

A Dalek's appearance is iconic. They are usually between 1.5 metres and 2 metres tall depending upon the variant. They have a single mechanical rod-mounted eye which protrudes from a rotating dome. Also usually they have two 'arms' - one is a  shooting energy weapon and the other a telescopic arm with a  sink plunger looking device on the end.

The colour of the dalek varies, but the original daleks were blue, with red for second-in-command and the black and gold leader Dalek. Most of us had black and white televisions back in the 1960s (when the original TV series began) and so we saw them all in different shades of grey! 

Since the 1960s there have been many variant models of the Daleks and you can read about all the different types at Dalek variants - Wikipedia

If you need help building your Dalek you can always find information through a search engine and on Youtube.

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