What is the Best Prize Vending Capsule


Prize vending capsules come in a range of sizes and prices. We currently stock a range of 50-55mm capsules, 68mm novelty capsules and the large 95mm capsule.

Which capsule do I need for my vending machine?

55mm Capsules

The smallest size vending capsules we sell are 50-55mm. These capsules are suitable for Discapa Station, Tomy Gachas, and toy vending machines that dispense a capsule 50mm in size. Usually these capsules are sold in boxes of 500 or 600, and are priced so that you can put them out as a £1 Vend in your venue.

The stock of this size of capsule turns over very quickly as it is the most popular size we stock. Currently, Meshball, the Soft and Squishy range and the new light up range of novelty capsules are very popular and selling quickly.

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Soft and Squishy type prize vending capsules

68mm Capsules

The 68mm size capsules are suitable for Discapa Station, Mini Bouly, Tomy Gacha, Stacker Prize Capsules and Go Go Chicken along with vending machines and arcade games that dispense a capsule size of 63-70mm.These capsules are usually sold in boxes of 200/300. Some are priced for a £1 Vend and others, a little more to buy, are best as a £2 Vend

95mm Capsules

The largest capsules we see are 95mm (4inch) prize vends.  These capsules are suitable for Bouly machines or any capsule vending machine that is capable of dispensing a 90mm/93mm/95mm or 4" capsule. These capsules are boxed in 100/120 capsules and are all priced for a £2 Vend.

Prize Key Capsules

A new type of capsule in is the Prize Egg. Prize Eggs are great for FIND A KEY or MAGIC KEY CRANES. They have an attractive 50mm bright metallic-look capsules with a higher quality consolation prize in than many of this type. The coating on the eggs makes it impossible to see inside. They are perfect for use in crane machines such as Magic Key or Find a Key as the player finds a hidden key in an egg (inserted by operator) and opens a door in the crane to access the big prize!

Empty Capsules

We sell clear transparent empty prize 97mm capsules into which you can put your own prizes. These capsules are suitable for machines that fit 90-100mm capsules, such as Drop A Winner. These type of capsules are also suitable for craft and model making projects such as making a full size Doctor Who Dalek!

empty capsules for adding your own prize. Also used for making a Dalek

Using Capsules in Other Ways in the Amusement Arcade 

Many of our customers also put capsules onto arcade pusher machine beds. If there is a set in the range to collect, the player has the incentive to keep playing the pusher so that they can collect them all.

Another great use? Prize capsules at the Redemption Counter. The capsules are attractive, easy to store and stay clean in their capsule.

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